Très belle peinture originale gouache et aquarelle signée par Mark Miller

Grand format 35 x 23,5 cm environ sur carton de même dimensions
Signé au crayon dans le dessin en bas
Sujet : femme effrayée dans la lumière (probablement de feux d'automobiles)
Dessin original exécuté pour un roman-photos intitulé "Voyage pour un meurtre" publié dans le programme TV Télé Poche n°95 (numéro du 2 novembre 1967 - deuxième année de parution de ce périodique pour la télévision)
Annotations en marge supérieure du dessin et au verso (voir photos).
Très beau dessin par un maître du genre.

Mark Miller, born Marshall Dawson Miller, was an internationally renowned illustrator whose work was published in most of the world. His life and career took him from Oklahoma to Hollywood to New York and Europe. Born in Eldorado, Oklahoma on Jan. 2, 1919, Miller grew up on a cotton farm, studied art at the University of Oklahoma (where he took the name Mark) and then moved to Los Angeles where he attended the Chouinard Art Institute and later got his start as a costume designer for 20th Century Fox in Hollywood. After WW II, he moved to New York where he had a had a long career as an artist that culminated in the 1950s and 60s when he was an illustrator for the Saturday Evening Post and other leading magazines like Colliers, Good Housekeeping, McCall’s, Redbook, Cosmopolitan and many magazines throughout Europe, South America and Australia.

In describing the humble beginnings of his career, Miller has said, “My choice of an art career did not have the enthusiastic support of my conservative family back in OK. From their point of view, it was clearly my duty as the eldest son to help run the family farms, and they tolerated my errant pursuit of art only in the certainty that it would become as clear to me as it was to them that I couldn’t make a living at it. (extrait du site

Les dessins originaux de Mark Miller sont rares sur le marché.

1967 Dessin original Mark Miller Aquarelle Gouache Roman-Photo Painting

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